Cashew Nuts: Benefits and How to Use In The Kitchen


It may be difficult to find something tastier than a cashew nut. And although many people do not know, what we usually have as ” cashew nuts ” is what represents the cashew fruit, not the cashew itself, which is just a pseudofruit. We will see here about cashew: benefits, what is it for and how to use in the kitchen.

Cashew Nuts: Benefits and How to Use In The Kitchen

Benefits of Cashew Nut

Cashew nuts are capable of bringing various health benefits. They are rich in minerals and calories, favoring all the activity of the body:

Reduces weight gain

Contrary to popular wisdom, eating cashews definitely helps in reducing the risk of weight gain. A survey by the Obesity publication showed that people who consume cashew nuts at least twice a week are less likely to gain weight.

Benefits for bones

Thanks to the magnesium found in cashew nuts, its consumption favors and aids the structure of bones in collaboration with calcium.

Relax and calm

The magnesium present in cashew nuts is also shown to aid in the relaxation of nerves.

Cashew nuts are also rich in copper, an essential mineral in various physiological processes in the body. Helps in the production of pigmentation of the hair and skin, eliminates the free radicals of the body and helps to develop the bones, for example. They are also considered natural antidepressants.


How to use cashew nuts in the kitchen

To consume cashew, in any form whatsoever, it is important to first pay attention to some factors at the time of its acquisition. As it is not always possible to know the origin or even the type of treatment given to cashews at the time of producing their fruits, there are some details that we can take care to make sure that the roasted nuts are new and good for consumption:

• Coloring with shade closer to white or cream color
• Check for cracks or molds
• Make sure there is no bad or rancid odor

Once purchased, cashew nuts should be stored in a capped container, preferably inside the refrigerator so that they do not get stale. Being certain that the cashew is in ideal conditions for consumption, we can use it for various culinary purposes (or even for direct ingestion).


Cashew nuts in the kitchen

Brown rice with cashew nuts

Just prepare the rice normally and to increase its flavor, but also its nutrients, add at the end the cashew nuts cut into small pieces, equivalent to a third of the chestnut. Mix the rice ready and serve.

Natural cashew pulp ice cream with its nuts

Cut cashew into cubes, beat in the blender with 30g of cashew nuts. Place in a suitable container and canister to freeze. After a few hours, just enjoy this delicious natural ice cream.

Different Uses

In general, cashew nuts are great accompaniments to any situation.

1. They can be used as snacks, inserted – whole or chopped – into cakes, breads, homemade cookies or to increase salads.

2. Can they be used as replacements for pinoles (in case of pesto sauces ), and why not in the Nutella made at home?

3. It is also possible to make cashew milk :

Put a cup of cashew nuts in the sauce for 8 hours covered with water (two fingers). Drain, wash and whisk in the blender for one minute with 3 cups and 1/2 cups of water. Strain into a fine sieve and preserve in the refrigerator for up to days preserved in a glass container. You can replace cow’s milk in any recipe.

With the residues formed, you can make cakes, cookies, burgers, and cookies. But it can also be used as pâtés, just taking a bit of seasoning, olive oil, salt, lemon, to your liking. See here a video that teaches everything.

General observations on cashew nuts
Medicine has seen recurring cases of possible allergy to cashew nuts in many children . If you notice any allergic reaction to cashew nuts , stop using them immediately and seek advice from a physician. In addition, its consumption is allowed when it is known to have no allergy to the chestnut. In any case, only a physician or health food professional will be able to recommend the ideal diet for each person, so deliberate intake of cashew nut alone should be avoided altogether.

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