How to Clean a Burner on an Electric Stove

Electric stoves provide heat that is almost immediate and evenly distributed across the bottom of a pot or tray. However, the heat takes some time to dissipate. When a spaghetti pot boils or another liquid drips into hot coils, confusion quickly burns into the coils and drip tray.

How to Clean a Burner on an Electric Stove

How to Clean a Burner on an Electric Stove
How to Clean a Burner on an Electric Stove

Step 1

Make sure the coils are completely cool and the stove-Top knobs are off. Remove the burner coils from the top of the cooktop by pulling them out of the connectors.

Step 2

Mix a few drops of dish soap with lukewarm water in the sink or in a dishwasher. Soak the fabric in the water and clean the bobbins. Do not immerse coils in water.

Step 3

Make a baking soda paste with a few drops of water. Place the burner coils on a towel on a flat surface. Apply baking soda Paste to any burned or liquid food. Let the folder sit in the stained area for several minutes.

Step 4

Remove drip pans from the stove. Clean the area under the drip trays if there is food or liquid. Wash the drip trays, dry them and replace them in the range.

Step 5

Clean the baking soda paste from the burner coils by rubbing any remaining residue. Let them dry well and replace them in the electrical connectors on the cooktop.

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