How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are furniture that is subject to a lot of dirt and wear due to the large flow of fat, food particles, and dust that accumulate with ease in them. This type of dirt is difficult to remove, so the ideal is to maintain a constant cleaning routine.

How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Having wooden furniture at home is very common, but for them to always be beautiful, you need to use the right products in cleaning. The wood, according to the type, brings more sophistication to the decoration and, if it is of quality, is sure to have furniture that will last for long years. However, because it is natural, it requires redoubled care. So, see how to clean the wooden cabinet the right way so as not to damage the piece.


4 Tips to Clean Wooden Cabinet

The most important thing when cleaning the wood is to not leave the material in contact with excess water, because especially if you do not have varnish, the water will penetrate the wood and generate mold. In addition to this tip, see which products and blends can be made to clean wood cabinets.

1. Degrease Kitchen Cabinet

In the kitchen the biggest problem is fat. When cleaning wood cabinets in this room you need to think about a solution that removes fat. So use the good old peroba oil. It helps to remove thick layers of fat without damaging the furniture.

Because it is a strong product, it is ideal for heavy cleaning only, not for everyday use. Apply the oil on a soft cloth and first pass in a hidden part of the furniture to see if it will not stain. Only then should you pass on the whole piece of furniture. Apply by gentle circular movements and then wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

2. Remove fungi and odors

To clean a wooden cabinet in a very simple way, when you notice that it smells of mold and mildew, use the following solution:

  • Vinegar and water: mix one cup of vinegar with one of the water and apply it to the furniture with a soft cloth. Its solution removes fungus, odors and does not damage the wood.

3. Daily cleaning

For the cleaning of the week, there are two options that will clean the wood cabinet and leave it well-smelling at the same time.

  • Neutral detergent and water: Mix one teaspoon of neutral detergent with one cup of water. Apply with a soft cloth on the furniture;
  • Soap and Coconut Soap: Drain the amount of a tablespoon of coconut soap, place in a spray bottle and fill with 500 milliliters of water. Add a tablespoon of creamy soapy, shake, and wait for the soap to melt. Then just spray on a cloth and apply in the cabinet.

Any of these solutions should be applied smoothly without excess, and then you should wipe with a soft, dry cloth to remove what has become wet. You can apply these mixtures both inside and outside the wooden cabinet, but when cleaning inside, leave the cabinet open for a few hours to dry completely.


4. Wood Cabinet Polishing

One way to make the wood of your furniture always beautiful and shiny is by polishing. For this, you should use products such as wax or furniture polishes, whenever the furniture starts to become opaque, do not pass very often.

Before applying the product, be sure to clean the wood furniture so that it is dust-free and dry. Then apply with a soft cloth, in circular and delicate movements. You do not need to use too much product. To finish, wipe dry, clean, and soft, without any product, doing the same circular movements.

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