How to Get Rid of Sink Smell

Before aromatizing the house with pleasant scents, it is necessary to neutralize the bad smells. And is that some corners of the house can give off truly unpleasant aromas, as is the case of the toilet or sink. Need help?

How to Get Rid of Sink Smell
How to Get Rid of Sink Smell

How to Get Rid of Sink Smell

Steps to follow:

  1. If the problem of the bad smell of the sink is because your installation is old and in bad conditions, maybe the time has come to do works. Keep in mind that for many remedies and tricks that you put into practice, the problem is deeper and can lead to worse matters. So do not delay a new installation for your kitchen for a minute. And of course, it is essential to thoroughly clean your kitchen and ventilate the room well.
  2. Before putting into practice any home remedy, remember to clean the kitchen thoroughly and remove the dirt in the sink drain. How? You can do it manually or with special products that you will find for sale in specialized stores.
  3. And now yes, get to work with our homemade trick to eliminate unpleasant smells from the sink. To do this you have to start by pouring a good stream of boiling water over the drain, this will help you get rid of the bacteria. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  4. The next step that you will have to carry out is to pour a spoonful of baking soda down the drain and immediately after running hot water. This combination of ingredients helps us to eliminate the bad smells of the sink.
  5. Likewise, you can also add white vinegar after the baking soda, you will see how a chemical reaction is triggered that will generate a foam capable of cleaning the accumulated dirt and the consequent bad smell.
  6. But if none of this works, try to also throw a glass of common bleach or lemon juice. These ingredients are also widely used to disinfect and eliminate bad smells from the sink, especially bleach.
  7. And once you have these ingredients in the sink, you will have to let it rest for about 15 minutes and then let the hot water run again. The last step to remove odors from the sink.

We hope you have found our advice useful, but if you have some trick on how to remove the smell from the sink, do not hesitate to share it with us.


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