How to Make the Perfect Chicken Fillet: Juicy and Delicious

How to Make the Perfect Chicken Fillet: Juicy and Delicious

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The chicken fillet is a versatile ingredient: with them, we can make recipes like chicken fillet with cauliflower in the oven, chicken fillet parmigiana, chicken fillet breaded chicken with yogurt sauce, and many others. On a daily basis, we usually make it grilled or in a frying pan, and it is served with different side dishes. But nobody deserves to eat bland and dry chicken, right? So that it doesn’t happen, westmainkitchen is here to help you: check out how to make the perfect chicken fillet!

How to Make the Perfect Chicken Fillet: Juicy and Delicious

1) Clean the chicken well: remove the fat and the nerves.

2) To make it well seasoned and moist, make a mixture of an acid, which can be lemon juice, and oil (olive oil, for example), and spices of your choices, such as basil, oregano, pepper, and salt.

3) Make thin fillets! They cook faster and this will prevent them from becoming too dry. Use a meat whisk to make them thinner.

4) If you still prefer taller steaks, use a little water when frying them. But it’s very little water, see? Gradually place until the fillets are cooked.

5) One idea that works is to pass the chicken in the pan to seal it and then cook it in the oven. Do as follows: in a frying pan or pan (which can go to the heated oven), place a spoon of oil or olive oil. Put the chicken fillet and cook for 2 minutes; turn the chicken over and leave for another 2 minutes. Then, take the pan to the oven. Leave for 10 minutes in a medium oven.

6) Do you find it very hard to make the chicken in the frying pan and in the oven? If you are going to do it in the frying pan, seal both sides of the chicken over high heat; then put on medium heat and wait for it to cook all over.

7) No more stirring the meat while it cooks! Just stir the fillet to turn it over and cook on the other side.

8) Do you want to give the chicken a special touch? Cook it with butter and oil. It is delicious and juicier!

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