How to Organize a Corner Kitchen Cabinet

How many times have you come house from food shopping, to find that most of the items you bought were sitting in your lovely kitchen cabinets already? With the number of organization and a little time you can create a time-saving method of using everything in your pantry, and you won't have to continue buying the same foods that are already collecting dust in the cabinets before leaving the house.

How to Organize a Corner Kitchen Cabinet
How to Organize a Corner Kitchen Cabinet

How to Organize a Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Step 1

Remove all items in the cabinet.

Step 2

Clean the cabinet inside of any spilled food, torn threaded items or anything shoved in the back of the cabinet.

Step 3

Organize items in order of how they are used more frequently. If you have some things in the closet that are used daily, keep them in front of the cabinet.

Step 4

Arrange items in a way that all boxed items are together, canned items are together, and things with handbags or bags are on the kitchen table together. Once you have all the things together, you can place the items that are rarely used on the back of the table and the MOST elements used in the front of the table.

Step 5

Decide where you will need the racks of various shelves and use this space for smaller objects such as canned food or Jarrojos. Racks create extra space as you can store food on the shelf and rack above it.

Step 6

Organize Food in the box, such as cereals and pasta, on shelves that do not contain shelves. Cereals should be placed on the front since they are more commonly used than macaroni or baking powder.

Step 7

Give a row space for bottled juices that can be wrapped against the shelf wall to save space in the closet.

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