Top 5 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

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Top 5 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips
Top 5 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

Handling kitchen knives can be a dangerous activity if not done with thought and care. Here are five tips to keep you and those around you safe during handling.

1.  Choose a forged knife instead of a stamped one. Why?

  • Forged knives are forged of one piece of steel with a knob before the handle.
  • These knives normally last longer and they also balance well in the hand which reduces cutting fatigue and breakage.

2. NEVER clean your knives in the dishwasher. The harsh chemicals will harm the steel and handle.

3. NEVER leave kitchen knives in the sink, ESPECIALLY when it’s full of water to reduce the chance of an accident.

4. When walking with knives, NEVER run and ALWAYS keep the tip downward.

5. ALWAYS keep them sharpened because a sharp knife cuts better and does not damage the food