Non-Stick Frying Pan is Safe for Frying?

The non-stick frying pan promises that your food will not stick to the bottom of it, making day-to-day cooking more practical right? But health, therefore, is weakened by several factors.

Non-Stick Frying Pan is Safe for Frying?
Non-Stick Frying Pan is Safe for Frying?

One of them is food contamination.

The malfunctions of frying: why are they so damaging to the organism?

An appetizing hamburger accompanied with chips, party favors from those irresistible or even the practicality of a stake in the frying pan can become a risk factor to your health over the years.

Fritters are tempting foods and are present on most of the menus. However, excess fat does very bad to the body and can promote the formation of a substance called acrolein, which is highly carcinogenic. It comes from the degradation of oil properties when subjected to heat and has relevant toxicity to the body.

The main symptoms and problems related to the fat found in fried, when consumed in excess, are: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer development, reduced growth, poor nutrient absorption, decreased fertility, among others. The frying oil reused, in turn, becomes fat, fat trans. besides known that, in oil fried foods cause the accumulation of abdominal fat and insulin resistance.

Such factors increase the feeling of tiredness and lack of energy.

To ensure longevity and quality of life it is necessary to avoid the maximum consumption of fried foods.

Why is the nonstick skillet not recommended?

Do you remember the last time you cooked in a new pan? If you can not remember, know that it is worth looking at this utensil.

The nonstick skillet, as well as most of the pots of this material, contains PTFE and PFOA. These two acronyms represent chemical compounds used in the manufacture of most such coatings.

The Platinum Brazil Healthy Food System features a 1.2 mm surgical steel body with leakage limits that prevent any food contamination. In addition to influencing the taste, our pans can add a dash of health to meals.

To fry foods without harming your health, choose our GOURMET SKILLET (Media, Large or Jumbo). They do not use oil and guarantee 90% more nutrition, ie more vitamins, and minerals.

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