How to Build a Kitchen Island with Cabinets


How to Build a Kitchen Island with Cabinets – The kitchen with a central island has furniture in the middle, which gathers a sink, stove, and other items that extend the functionalities of the environment.

The kitchen with a central island is the new trend in the area of interior design. It is functional, elegant, and capable of fostering coexistence between the people who live in the house and their guests.

How to Build a Kitchen Island with Cabinets

More than a simple space to prepare meals and store food, the island kitchen favors a good chat and does not leave the person who is cooking isolated from the others. Everyone can talk around the central workbench, that is, a piece of furniture installed right in the center of the room.


Measures of the kitchen with island

Before you include the island in the kitchen layout, you need to take note of the environmental measures. Space must be very wide because only then the central furniture will not disturb the circulation of the people around.

The perfect distance between the island and other furniture is 1 meter. More than that, working inside the kitchen can become tiring. To ensure comfortable ergonomics, the height of the island should be up to 90 cm. If there is a table attached to the furniture, its height should be 75 cm.

Of course, each project should be prepared in isolation, thinking about the height of the residents and the size of the kitchen.


Choose the functions of your island

In the market, there are many models of the central island for a kitchen, that differentiate in relation to the functionalities. You must identify the desired functions to be able to choose the best mobile for your environment.

In general, the most complete islands have a stove, sink, utensil support, and cupboard at the bottom. The central island with the table is also a choice full of features and promises to take more advantage of kitchen space.


Think about retirement

The kitchen with a gourmet island is not just any furniture. It needs careful reform so that the central bed can be used, in fact, in the preparation of food. Hire skilled labor to take care of electrical and hydraulic installations.


Choose durable and easy-to-maintain materials

The materials covering the central island countertop must be sturdy and offer cleaning facilities. In general, architects recommend marble, granite or stainless steel.


Install a hood

To prevent smoke from spreading throughout the living area, it is best to install a hood over the cooktop. This equipment is also great for eliminating odors and preventing fat from overtaking the kitchen.


Separate the cooker from the refrigerator

To leave the modern central island, invest in appliances. Install this equipment in a triangle shape, always thinking of practicality for the day to day. Try to separate the cooker from the refrigerator, through the sink or bench. This care, which seems simple, reflects on the energy bill.

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